Meat Department

Our Meat department offers a wide selection of Animal Welfare Certified local, organic and grass-fed choices. Find dry-aged steaks, house-made sausages, air-chilled chicken and so much more. Need help? Our butchers will custom cut, season and marinate to order.

What makes our meat different?

Our Animal Welfare Certified chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and pork must be raised with no antibiotics — ever — and no added hormones.

There are no hormones approved for use in the production of poultry, goat, veal calves, mature sheep or exotic, non-amenable species (such as bison, buffalo, elk and venison).

Try our air-chilled chicken.

This process ensures a flavorful bird and extra-crispy skin. Here’s why you should add it to your shopping list.

100+ animal welfare standards — and counting.

We’re committed to improving the lives of farm animals. All fresh beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey in our Meat department must meet more than 100 animal welfare standards.

Eight things our butchers can do for you.

Spatchcocked chicken? Frenched lamb chops? You name the cut — our butchers will make it happen.