Great Grains Meal Plan

This week we’re serving up a version of a wrap with collard leaves taking the place of tortillas or lavash, along with a whole week’s worth of new recipes, tips and suggestions for quick and easy, healthy meals.


Keep in mind: Make sure to change up the greens and other veggies in your twice-a-day green salad to prevent palate fatigue. Try alternating spinach, romaine, red or green leaf lettuce, arugula, mesclun, butter lettuce and mâche. If you’re eating out, take advantage of the salad bar to create a salad packed with crunchy vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, etc.

  • In a hurry? Squeeze the juice of half a lemon or add a few splashes of balsamic vinegar for a quick salad dressing.
  • Canned beans are a huge time-saver and are quite tasty; read labels and look for no-salt-added options.

Breakfast Tip: Warm leftover brown rice and add almondmilk, cinnamon and fresh fruit to the mix. Almost instant breakfast!

Lunch Tip: Most salad bars have all the components you need for a healthy entrée salad. Choose vinegar or a lemon wedge as a dressing — forgo any of the dressing selections on offer (unless you’re at a Whole Foods Market® that has Health Starts Here® dressings on the salad bar!).

Snack Tip: Bean dips, nut or seed-based spreads, fresh no-oil hummus, guacamole and whole grain breads, tortillas or pita make a great afternoon or evening snack.

Dinner Tip: A sure winner at any meal is a Mighty Bowl of Goodness: whole grains topped with a protein of your choice, steamed greens and your favorite condiments (soy sauce, tamari, vinegars, avocado, hot sauce).


Batch cooking day: Start the week by batch cooking and storing meals in grab-and-go serving containers. This saves precious time during the week for all meals.







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