Build a Better Homemade Pizza

From rainbow veggies to tangy cheese and fragrant pesto, here's how to make the pizza of your dreams. Plus, order online for pizza delivery or pickup.

Margherita pizza on a plate

Good homemade pizza comes from the heart. There's joy to be found in the limitless iterations of blistered crust, melty cheese, special sauces and toppings. Let's delve into a few ways you can personalize your pie for even better pizza than before.

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Start with your pizza crust

It all starts with a crust. A satisfying crust comes in many forms, but today let's discuss the different routes for at-home pizza creation. While making pizza dough from scratch is truly a flex, we have easier options to enjoy. Wandering through our stores, you'll find Whole Foods Market Ancient Grain Pizza Dough in the refrigerated section. Throw that dough high in the sky like you've seen in movies but be sure you've got a handle on its landing place.

For frozen dough, head to the freezer section and grab Whole Foods Market Frozen In-House Pizza Dough. This allows for a dough stash that's ready to defrost when inspiration strikes. For ready-to-bake crust, try 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Whole Wheat Thin & Crispy Pizza Crust and Organic Thin & Crispy Rustic White Pizza Crust. If you're ready to take on the world, go ahead and make your own dough using corn and rye flours for a whole grain base.

Get saucy

Next up, we've got sauce. Feeling like a traditional tomato sauce? Making your own basic marinara is certainly on the table, but we've got some shortcuts to offer as well. Head to the center aisles of your local store for a jar of 365 brand Organic Pizza Sauce. It's a no-sugar-added pizza sauce that's ready to make the pie when you are.

For a totally different flavor profile, go with a basil pesto. A jar of Whole Foods Market Basil Pesto offers a bright green hue and deep flavor thanks to its blend of olive oil, cheeses, garlic and fragrant basil. For a vegan pesto option, try our Plant-Based Tomato Pesto, imported from Italy and made with extra-virgin olive oil. Speaking of which, maybe paint our Calabrian Chile Pepper & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your dough as a sauce alternative (and to give the pizza a little kick).

Cheeses that please

Cheese is the next essential building block for your perfect pie. 365 brand Shredded Pizza Blend is easy to sprinkle for even coverage and, ultimately, perfectly cheesy slices. Go organic with 365 brand Organic Mozzarella Cheese Shreds or try the Organic Finely Shredded Italian Blend for more delicately shredded cheese. To stray from the traditional, give 365 brand Shredded Goat Cheese a whirl. For a vegan option, Daiya Foods Dairy-Free Mozzarella Style Cheese Shreds will get the job done.

Abandon shredded cheeses altogether and opt for fresh mozzarella, crumbled feta or goat cheese logs. Put cherry-sized Whole Foods Market Ciliegine Mozzarella to work in this recipe for Pizza with Sausage and Buffalo Mozzarella. Tangy feta cheese stars in this Grilled Vegetable Pizza recipe and as aforementioned, goat cheese is always the right choice. It's a welcome addition to any cheese drawer and certainly your pizza pie. The wide world of cheese is yours for the taking.

Most valuable veggies

While plain cheese pizza is heaven on a plate, it never hurts to throw a couple of veggies in the mix. Roasted butternut squash and spicy baby arugula team up beautifully on a garlic olive oil base with melty mozzarella cheese. Earthy mushrooms are the real MVP in this Seeded Pizza with Mushrooms and Taleggio recipe. Diced bell peppers and organic broccoli are natural selections for a veggie pizza.

To state the obvious, the fresh basil atop any Pizza Margherita is what makes it divine. Little heirloom tomatoes pack a punch in our recipe for Grilled Tomato and Pepperoni Pizzas — and wherever else they're enjoyed. Finally, please make sure there is always fresh garlic at your side when making pizza. Garlic is your ringer for flavor (and a swoon-worthy aroma while the pizza bakes).

Spice up your life with toppings

Last but not least, a couple key accompaniments are crucial to have at hand. Any great pizzeria will provide you with the big three: crushed red pepper, aromatic oregano and grated parmesan. The truth is, there is no wrong way to make a pizza. As long as you're making pizza that makes you happy, then that's good pizza. Now, have fun making your pizza and mangia! (That's Italian for "Go eat!")

How to Order Pizza Online

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