Sourced for Good

See how Whole Foods Market supports workers, communities and the environment.

GIF that rotates between sourced for good products: bananas, bell peppers, tomatoes, tulips

Created by Whole Foods Market, our Sourced for Good program helps support workers, communities and environmental stewardship where our products are sourced. We collaborate with farms, suppliers and international third-party certifiers — Fair Trade USA, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade America, Fair Food Program, Equitable Food Initiative and Regenerative Organic Certified
— to help provide things like improved wages, health care, student scholarships, planting trees to prevent erosion and more.

map of north and south america that shows where sourced for good products are grown

What started as a seedling project known as Whole Trade Guarantee, our upgraded Sourced for Good program has grown to include some pretty big numbers: Millions of dollars are raised annually for hundreds of communities across 12 countries, even in the U.S. Which means the simple purchase of a Sourced for Good product can help do great things.

cucumber with sourced for good seal and text that says look for the seal

Sourced for Good Products and Their Stories

From produce to floral to coffee (and growing), our Sourced for Good program — in collaboration with our suppliers — is doing some pretty great things.